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To live or not to live

To live or not to live


Life is a joy for some, a sentence for others .

Author: Colette Ni Reamonn Ioannidou more info

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Life is a joy for some, a sentence for others. A friend who helps us through, makes the worst things that happen to us bearable. Some believe in a spiritual part of our being, an invisible compass point on our anatomy that directs us with visible strength, evident when faced with adversity. Some vehemently do not believe in ghosts. Yet there is the inexplicable, which gives rise to questions: is it really ‘them’, can they return? If it all originates in our heads, why does the mind play games with us by making use of the dead in the midst of life to frighten us or help us through? There are times, though, when the mind does not even need a ghost, but presents challenges of such a strange nature that the sheer complexity of how it works makes us realise just how little we really know about the spongy thing on the top of our heads that rules every move.

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