Radioactive Dreams | Mediterranean Sci-Fi Anthology

Radioactive Dreams is a provocative sci-fi anthology that unveils chilling visions of our potential futures. Mediterranean authors weave haunting tales exploring the dark side of technological progress, environmental degradation, and social upheaval. From rogue artificial intelligence to nuclear disasters and dystopian societies, these stories challenge readers to confront the consequences of current trajectories. Themes of ecological crisis, femicide, and reactionary movements intertwine with cautionary narratives about AI and environmental catastrophe. This collection serves as a literary mirror, reflecting our deepest fears and most pressing concerns. Radioactive Dreams dares you to stare into the abyss of tomorrow’s possibilities and ask: Can we handle the fallout of our choices today?

Curator: Ünver Alibey

Authors: Yasser Abu-Elhassab | Chiara De Giorgi | Hephaestion Christopoulos | Elana Gomel | Dimitra Nikolaidou | Tuğrul Sultanzade | David Bry | Cem Can | Selin Arapkirli | Julia Richard | Onur Selamet


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