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Remembering Egypt

Remembering Egypt: A Treasure Along the Nile


An invitation to travel through an ancient land as the author chronicles fascinating people in their everyday lives. 

Author/Photographer: Teresa Craig more info


Life in Egypt!

It is more than just pyramids and tombs. More than politics and revolutions.

It is about everyday life among the precious people of Egypt. It is about love, fear, and hope.

This book is a journey through Egypt through photographs and journal notes from the author beginning in 1993 and concluding in 2017. It also includes interviews from precious people who live along the Nile River, from Alexandria to Aswan. This is a “heart” book. A book that steps into the lives of Egyptians. You will not want to put it down, and when your journey is complete at the end of the stories, you will wish for more.

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Advance Praise on the book

Remembering Egypt: A Treasure on the Nile is an invitation to travel through an ancient land as the author chronicles fascinating people in everyday lives. Teresa Craig captures the heart and soul of each Egyptian treasure using stories and photos that make me feel as if I were right alongside in a journey that spans nearly two decades. A must-read for the adventurer, explorer, ethnographer and those fascinated with the mystery of Egypt.

Having been in Egypt on different occasions I eagerly opened my own copy of Remembering Egypt: A Treasure on the Nile. It didn’t disappoint as I devoured the pages. The stories and photos of life up and down the Nile are an in-depth look into the hearts of precious people. The love of the land and people emanates from Teresa Craig as she writes and photographs from her heart.

—B. Griffin, Colorado, USA (Five Stars)


When I think about Teresa Craig’s book REMEMBERING EGYPT, two words come to mind, thought-provoking. A person wonders about the people and the locales captured by her lens. What would it be like to be there?  What are the lives and dreams of these particular Egyptians?  What do we share in common?  A thought-provoking book.

—N. Bartel, Business Owner, Colorado, USA


Teresa Craig’s book on Egypt was amazing. I’ve been to Egypt a few times and her book brought back some good memories. Her real-to-life pictures made me feel I was there again. Her stories were borne out of all her time living among the people. Just the right author to make the book come alive.

—Steven Woodall, Teacher, Texas, USA (Five Stars)


Reviewing the photos and their captions brought back many memories of living there in the early 1950s. I can see Egypt hasn’t changed in many ways. Teresa’s photographic eye captures moods of everyday life along with treasurers of antiquity. The beautiful book has been well laid out and carefully published. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Egypt.

—April Holthaus, CO, USA


In Teresa Craig’s gorgeous book, we see and meet real people living real lives in a place that is too often reduced to slogans and stereotypes. This is a humane and humanizing book that is not to be missed.

—Eric Maisel, The Future of Mental Health


Teresa’s story collection and masterful snapshots of Egypt chronicles her deep love for the people there. Thank you for this timeless treasure.

—Debra Kansas City. Mo. (Five Stars)


Never having been to this part of the world, I was faced with some decisions on where and how to spend my one vacation; and learning about some deep and personal history that was never shown on TV’s History channel – I am now intrigued to meet some of the people in these regions – they were described with such vivid admiration, I must go to experience this myself !

New item on my Bucket List !!!

—Trish L, USA


Remembering Egypt is a large book which may be intimidating at first glance to a casual reader. Don’t be afraid to pick it up and leaf through the pages. You’ll quickly be drawn into the world of Egypt in the 20th Century. Seeing the  Sharp black and white photographs; you’ll find you have a palpable desire to know about these vivid people who live in these amazing places.

The book is divided into three sections. Captivating photos fill the front third. Intimate cameos in the third part give the insights you’re seeking after seeing the photos. Sandwiched between is the author’s journal as she lived, traveled and came to know this land and its people.

This is more than a coffee table book. It is full of insight into the ancient land, people and cultures of Egypt in the late 20th Century into the early 21st.

A must have.

—Dara B, USA


I was immediately drawn in, with the photos as the first section of the book.  Not only are the photos incredible, but the way they are displayed. I really like the journal style of writing, and I finished that section in 2 days.  I felt like I was living Teresa’s world for a little while.  The conversational style is easy to read and I just wanted to keep reading to see what would happen next.  I liked the way she posed questions periodically throughout.  I think it makes the reader stop and ponder the questions herself before moving on.  I also liked her sharing thoughts about Egypt (like near the beginning when she were feeling apprehension and anxiety and even a “black chasm.”)  and cultural differences, like even trying to cross the street in Cairo.  Also, I liked hearing some of her personal reflections about what she were going through and the new thoughts and questions being raised for you as you went along.

Some of the most interesting parts to me, and things I didn’t know much about were the Sudanese refugees, the Bawwabs, the Nubians, and the orphanage and hospital she visited.  I really did learn a lot!  I was sorry to have the journal entries end, just like a good meal that I don’t want to see end. :)  I am part way through the Interviews section now, and of course thoroughly enjoying that too.  It is really giving me a sense of each of these people’s lives that I won’t forget.

What an amazing job Teresa did.  I’m so impressed!!

—Laura C, Colorado, USA


Years ago, Teresa & her husband Tom personally introduced our family to the beauty of Egypt & it’s people by welcoming us into their journey. Now through her book “Remembering Egypt – A Treasure Along the Nile,” Teresa allows others to benefit from some of their precious experiences chronicled through her wonderful photographs & real life journal entries. I highly recommend this “well crafted window” that you too may take in the amazing treasure of Egypt!

— JMD, Israel


Remembering Egypt; first, a hardback book in black and white but brings out all the colours of that historic land. A book that can be delved into anywhere or to follow the author’s journey of enlightenment with photography that reflects that rare skill so the subjects are at total ease.

For travelers; this book will have you reaching for your suitcase!

—Mac MacLeod Poet, Observer


Teresa’s book is large and it’s beautiful. This book takes you on a journey into the heart of Egypt as Teresa combines stunning photography with narrative that shares both her own Egyptian journey and the penetrating stories of locals from many walks of life.

This is an honest book, a real book about real life in Egypt and the wonderful people of this land.

Even if you only browse the photos you will get to glimpse the heart of the people of Egypt – faces etched with the hardships of life, but also with joy and hope shining through. I think Teresa’s book is a book of hope; transitions come, trials are faced, but there is always hope and a future for Egypt, God’s people.

—K. Tere, New Zealand


I found the book to be very well done and a visual delight!  The pictures were stunning and I loved the way they were complied with the people and locations of Egypt.  I found the journal entries very interesting and insightful, as well as the interviews and stories.  Her love for the people of Egypt is obvious, and she delights in sharing her journeys.  Teresa did a wonderful job of uncovering the mysteries of Egypt and revealing it’s treasures.  She writes, “To me Egypt is a treasure, and the treasure, ultimately, is its people – a people whose roots go very deep – a people who are survivors and adapters.” Take the journey with her, you’ll be glad you did.

—Kathy L, Missouri, USA


Teresa Craig’s wonderful book Remembering Egypt-A Treasure Along the Nile, gives the reader an astounding glimpse into Egypt and the Middle East through the lens of her camera and her writing. I found my heart longing for more as I was drawn into the pages of this book.

—Michael Lazio, Pastor, Bethel House of Prayer, Platte City, Missouri


Teresa Craig takes us on a photographic journey in her book, Remembering Egypt: A Treasure Along The Nile.  Her nearly 25 year pilgrimage through Egypt has captured not only spectacular photos from the Pyramids to the Philae Temple in Aswan, but the heart of the Egyptian people.  Many of us will never travel to Egypt, but with this book, one doesn’t have to miss out on the experience.  Teresa’s photographic journal entries give the reader a beautiful reflection of the land and the people.

—R Adams, USA  (Five Stars)


A fascinating journey which opens the reader’s mind and emotions to a greater appreciation of this very ancient land and it’s remarkable people.

Teresa Craig, the author, leads the reader gently through their story by first sharing her poignant black and white photographs of the land, sites and people.  Look deeply into the faces and at the world which surrounds these people.  There is a story in each one of these amazing photographs which leaves the reader thirsting to know more about the people and their county.  The author doesn’t disappoint.

She then opens your heart and imagination by means of her personal diary of events covering 25 years of involvement in Egypt, her observations and her emotions. This section of the book is full of love, faith, keen insight, wisdom and sometimes apprehension.  You feel the pulse of Egypt through her descriptive writing – the colors, the noise, the chaos, the calm, the kindness, the tenacity. She pulls the reader into the experience with her, and leaves you wanting more. And, again, she gives you more.

 In the third section of the book is an assortment of interviews and stories of individual Egyptians from all walks of life.  Sayyid, a Felucka boat caption, Lillian Trasher, who started an orphanage for Egyptian children, a textile factory owner, a young revolutionary, a doctor, a Sudanese refugee, a Nubian family, and more. These are captivating, insightful, tender, courageous stories of very ordinary extraordinary people. (Teresa, or  “extraordinary, ordinary people” I couldn’t decide)

My hope for you is that this book,  may be a catalyst for your heart and your mind towards a personal journey not yet taken.  Enjoy!

—Mary Woods Kammlade


This book is a compilation of beautiful essays and interviews of personal experience, people, and Egyptian culture chronicled with pictures of in depth feeling and meaning. The Egyptian people are displayed in all of their exquisite beauty and truth along with others from around the region. The photographs help each reader to envision and place themselves in the specific location the author wrote about.

—J. Farris, USA


The book “Remembering Egypt” is a one of a kind experience walking through Egypt with the eyes of another who transforms in their understanding of the culture and the people.  The hundreds of pictures depict real life, real people and the journaling of the day to day experiences gives insight that can only be shared when living among the people.  Once it has been read and contemplated, one too can see the treasures in the people of this fascinating land.  This is not just a book, it is a journey . . .

—T. Knopping, Colorado, USA


Remembering Egypt: A Treasure Along the Nile is like no other book about Egypt. Most books about this land and its people focus on ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs. Teresa Craig writes about Egypt today! She has spent much time living in and visiting Egypt over the past 25 years. Her love for the Egyptian peoples comes through in every way: beautiful photos, heartfelt journal notes and in-depth interviews from her many years of interacting and learning about the people of Egypt. This is a book about the “heart” of the Egyptians and their culture, as it struggles to find its destiny in this generation. You will be definitely enriched and enlarged by what Teresa shares from her own heart about Egypt.

—Tom Craig, Denver, CO, USA