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Rina Katselli

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Rina Katselli was born in 1938. She lived in Kyrenia until the Turkish invasion of July 1974, when she was displaced by the Turkish army along with almost all indigenous Greek Cypriots in the area.

After graduating from the Gymnasium of Kyrenia, she joined the ranks of EOKA in support of the Liberation Struggle (1955-1959) against British rule. She was imprisoned for her action.

After the independence of Cyprus in 1960, she married and had a family. She has written novels, plays and studies that preserve the cultural heritage of the town where she was born.

After the Turkish invasion, she served the displaced residents of the Kyrenia district as a representative at the parliament of Cyprus for a period of fifteen years (1981-1996).

In 1973 she established Chrysopolitissa Publications, which publishes a variety of books.

Many of her works have received awards and distinctions. In 2010 the Republic of Cyprus bestowed upon her the State Prize for Excellence in Literature, Arts and Sciences for her overall contribution as a writer.