Metin Murat

Metin Murat

Metin Murat is a British born Cypriot Turk. He grew up in a multi-cultural environment with deep exposure to English, French and Welsh cultures. For much of his working life he has had close ties with North Africa, the Levant and the Gulf. He currently lives in South West France with his wife, multiple dogs and an assortment of wildlife that also lay claim, on a friendly basis, to his property.

He received his history and literary education from Aberystwyth University, with an undergraduate degree and later a PhD, via a Master’s degree at Lancaster University; and his business education from the London School of Economics.

For much of his adult life Metin worked for a multinational organisation before setting up his own company in 2011.  This is his debut novel, realising a dual ambition: to tell the story of his father’s community, the original Turkish community of Cyprus; and to use literature as a means to seek truth and reconciliation.

Valesta 36Α, 2370 Agios Dometios,
Nicosia, Cyprus
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