Jenny & Andreas Lazarou

Jenny & Andreas Lazarou

Jenny Lazarou was born in England, in 1942. She studied Applied Biology at Brunel College of Advanced Technology (now Brunel University) and she has worked in both industry and education. With her husband, Andreas, she has translated books from Greek into English.

Her translated books are:

– Philippines: Journey to a Dream by Sotiris Antoniou Hadjisotiriou

– 90 Aesop’s Fables in Verse for Children (and adults) by Andreas Lazarou

– Hop-o’ My Thumb in verse for children (available only as e-book) by Andreas Lazarou

Andreas Lazarou was born in Cyprus, in 1940. He studied at the Paedagogical Academy of Cyprus (now the University of Cyprus) and afterwards he worked in education in Cyprus and England. He has written several books in Greek and various articles, mostly on literary, political and historical subjects for newspapers and magazines. He has also helped his wife Jenny with the translation of books from Greek into English.

In 2014 he was awarded an honorary diploma by the “Cypriot Children and Young People’s Book Association” for his contribution in the development and promotion of Greek Cypriot children’s and young people’s literature.

He and his wife Jenny have two sons and five grandchildren.

Books by the same author (in Greek)

– I Learn to Read Easily

– The Doctor Fox

– Once in Every Thousand Years

– 90 Aesop’s Fables in Verse for Children (and adults)

– Three Important poems by Vasilis Michaelides

– Cyprus, the Birthplace of Homer and six other short works

– Hop-o’-My -Thumb in Verse for Children

– I Learn to Read Easily (2nd edition. Updated and improved)

– Important Greek Women of the Past and nine other short works

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