George Vizyenos

George Vizyenos

George Vizyenos (Georgios Vizyinos) was born in 1849 in the small town of Vizye in Eastern Thrace, Turkey. He studied in Nicosia, Halki and Athens before going to Germany where in Göttingen university he studied Greek and Latin Literature, Philosophy and Psychology. Then in Leipzig university he studied Ancient Arts, Greek Literature, Linguistics, and Anthropology. Finally in Berlin university he studied Philosophy and Classical Literature. He got a PhD from Göttingen university and one from Athens university. He lived for short periods in Paris and London. He is the pioneer and the best loved writer of the Greek short story and one of the best Greek poets. The first six stories in this book were written between 1883 and 1884, the last one in 1895. He died in Athens in a mental hospital in 1896.

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