Great literature. One book at a time.

About Us

Our history

Armida Publications is a multiple-award-winning independent publisher based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and was founded in 1997 to publish intelligent literary fiction and ground-breaking non-fiction on select topics.

The selection of books published by Armida is also enhanced by a fast growing selection of e-books. In collaboration with the Cyprus PEN Centre, Armida publishes In Focus, a quarterly magazine on literature, culture and the arts in Cyprus.

Armida has gradually grown to be one of Cyprus’s most dynamic independent traditional publishing companies with a strong global distribution network.

The company is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (USA) and the Independent Publishers Guild (UK).

Our mission

Armida is dedicated to bringing the best of Eastern Mediterranean literature and culture to a global audience.

We believe we are well on our way. One book at a time.

If innovation is defined as the addition of a new element into an existing condition, then Armida has done just that. It has created a bridge between the world and Eastern Meditteranean literature!

We’ve been doing this by selling translation rights to overseas publishers, or by participating with great success in international book awards, or by opening up new markets by making our English titles available throughout the world.

So far we have successfully negotiated the translation of many of our titles into English, German, Arabic, Turkish, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian, Romanian, and more. The list grows longer and stronger every month!

Great Literature. One Book At A Time.