Upcoming Releases

Armida’s title list is expanding with many and exciting titles being added every year.

Our upcoming releases:


Ελληνικές εκδόσεις

– Μελέτη – 

“Εβραίοι στην Κύπρο: Κοινές στιγμές στην Ιστορία” του Στέφανου Ευαγγελίδη (Φθινόπωρο 2017) – (τίτλος εργασίας)

– Ποίηση –

“Κουμπωμένα Σχήματα / Buttoned-up Shapes” του George Tardios (Καλοκαίρι 2017)


English editions

– Poetry – 

Let Fate Decide” by Niki Philippou (Spring 2017)

“Κουμπωμένα Σχήματα / Buttoned-up Shapes” by George Tardios  (Summer 2017)



– Novels – 

“Outlander” (working title) by Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos (TBA)

“Kyrenia’s legend: the life and times of Costas Katesllis” (working title) by Rina Katselli (Fall 2017)

The Seamstress of Ourfa” by  Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss (TBA)

“Dark Tales” (working title) by Andreas Karayan (Fall 2017)

“Of People and Things” (working title) by Paul Stewart (TBA)