“The Book of the Month” by Armida Publications & Heart Cyprus

Very happy to announce Armida’s collaboration with HeartCyprus for the “Book of the Month

For the next 12 months, HeartCyprus fans and friends will have the opportunity to get a taste of what we’re doing here at Armida!

Enjoy part 1


“Hello world. My name is Haris and in one way or other, books have taken over my life in more ways than one. I’m sure you can guess that reading is one of them, selling is another but try as you may, you won’t find many people in Cyprus professionally publishing books. For the past 22 years, I’ve been the publisher behind Armida Books. I am also a man with a plan (insert sinister laughter here).

I’ve been saying for some time now that my mission is very straightforward. I want to see, in my lifetime, a Cyprus-based publishing company, competing and flourishing in the international publishing arena. We are well on our way, one book at a time.

Armida has been promoting Cyprus literature overseas for the better part of 22 years and I can say that over the years we’ve had many highlights. I am happy that our title list holds over 150 titles. I am also very happy with the 10-12 new titles we bring out each year, half of which in English.

I am seriously happy that several of our titles have received this country’s prize for literature, but I am ecstatic that one of our titles has received the European Union’s Prize for Literature.

We’ve participated in book fairs from Los Angeles to London, and from Frankfurt to China.

But what I’m proud of is that Armida, a small independent publishing house based in Nicosia, currently leads its home market in exporting subsidiary rights to international publishers and has developed an extensive network of partner publishers throughout the world. And I am referring to books written by Cypriot authors about Cyprus being distributed and sold all over the world! A slice of Cyprus is now available into more than a dozen languages! Yes, this is something I’m really proud of and as long I’m here, this is what we’ll continue doing.

Over the coming year, join me on a monthly journey and perhaps you can also fall in love with another side of Cyprus, its rich, enticing, enthralling, and captivating literary side!

Hello world. My name is Haris and I Heart Cyprus!”

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