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The Secret of Elements

The Secret of Elements


Will satan rule the cosmos? Will humanity achieve technological and biological immortality? Is god physically threatened?.

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A 99-year-old woman managed to do the unthinkable and tricked the devil when she sold him her soul. In order for the transaction to be completed, the devil has to negotiate with the keeper of that soul, her grandson Bartholomew (Barto) Marshal, a penniless avant-garde composer. What she would like Barto to do is: ‘be a good boy’ and ask only for the secret of the elements to be revealed to him. Much to his surprise, the hangover atheist discovers that satan exists and his loving grandma sold him her soul. He will do as instructed and his mind will age a million years in a week. During that time he composes the journey of mankind into the future. Barto finds himself able to travel through, and witness, parallel realities. He envisions potential scenarios of the progress of humanity, all of them leading to the same conclusion: ‘It is going to happen anyway, it is only a matter of when.’

In the meantime, satan and his Purgatory World Creation (PWC) corporation are scheming an aggressive coup that will overturn god and take over control of his aged and old fashioned NEW EDEN corporation. God tries his best to modernise, increase his resources, open franchises and stop satan’s dangerously expanding market share. Both, however, fail to realise that somewhere on planet earth a composer closed in a secret so great that could make their business obsolete.

The race is on.

Will a young academic save his best friend from what he believes (by not believing) is a perilous journey into the depths of insanity?

Will satan rule the cosmos?

Will mankind achieve technological and biological immortality?

Do the laws of physics allow for humanity to survive the fate of a collapsing universe?

Is god physically threatened? What is the secret of the elements?

The end is predetermined but there are an infinite number of paths dressed in luminous tones, for the composer orchestrating the journey to choose, in order to get his audience there.

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The Cosmos according to Tsotsos or The devil is in the detail