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SaskiaUnreserved: In Print

SaskiaUnreserved: In Print


No holds barred interviews with people whose opinions matter.


Author/Photographer: Saskia Constantinou more info

SaskiaUnrerved: In Print delves into the life and work of erudite and experienced professionals offering commentary and notable words of people whose opinion matters, across many fields.

They share their knowledge in a no-holds barred interview taking the words of Aristotle to heart Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.

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Saskia has opened a window on a cultural and intellectual strata in Cyprus society which is unique.

Vincent Kane OBE BBC Current Affairs Presenter and Interviewer


One life-time is not enough in order to learn from our successes and mistakes. Saskia has managed to speed up the process by interviewing established professionals (from an a astrophysicist to a basketball coach) and impart their wisdom so she can pass it on to us. Kudos both to yourself and your interviewees Saskia.

Michael Virardi Speaker, Trainer, Author

Nemanja Bjedov Basketball Coach   

BirdLife Cyprus – Non-profit organisation   

Leon Bosch – Double Bass Soloist   

Natalie Christopher  – Astrophysicist  

Sofronis Clerides – Economist

Michail Elia  –   Founder: Biennale Larnaca 

Christos Eliades  – Artist

Fryne Eliades Ethnographical Museum  

Stefanos Farmakas – TV Director

Yvonne Georgiadou – Artistic Director 

Christopher Gunning – Composer

Anna Koukkides Procopiou  – Artificial Intelligence Analyst

Dimitris Kyparissopoulos  – Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon  

Mats Lidström –  Concert Cellist

Andreas Mallouris – Plastic Surgeon and Artist

Georgios Mikellides Psychiatrist

Yiota Nicolaidou – Cyber Security

Charles Owen  –  Concert Pianist

Leonidas Phylactou –  Institute of Neurology & Genetics

Maggie Semple Entrepreneur

Monica Shiakou – Child Psychologist

Melanie Steliou – Actress

Elena Tanou – Entrepreneur

Memnia Theodorou Dentist, Entrepreneur, Sailor