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  • FBSeamstress-FrontCover

    On ‘The Seamstress of Ourfa’

    By Chris on 06/12/2018

    I have just spent a week planting trees in my garden by the sea in Euboea. In the evenings (it gets dark at around five), when there was no television and I was alone, I read The Seamstress of Ourfa. It took me time to read it because I had to keep stopping to absorb what I had just read.

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  • Am Schreibtisch

    In Praise of Long Novels

    By Chris on 27/11/2018

    In Praise of Long Novels   Mann began writing The Magic Mountain before the first world war, stopped writing it during the war, and finished it afterwards. In all it took him twelve years to write. It was published in 1924, during the era of the League of Nations. The translation into English (by ‘H.T. L.-P.’ – the only information

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  • kokologiannis part 6

    Ολοκλήρωμα του 133 από το -∞ στο +∞ (Μέρος 6)

    By Haris Ioannides on 20/11/2018

    Ολοκλήρωμα του 133 από το -∞  στο +∞ του Κωνσταντίνου Κοκολογιάννη Μέρος 6   Κύπρος. Μήνας Νοέμβρης, ή Νιόβρης. Διαλέχτε όποιο σας αρέσει. Κατακαλόκαιρο. Για το νότιο ημισφαίριο, αλλά και για την Κύπρο. Κατασκευάσματα της Coca Cola με κόκκινες στολές κι άσπρες γενειάδες έχουν κατακλύσει τους δρόμους. Μέχρι και τις σκηνές των προσφύγων έξω από τη βουλή. Χαμογελούν και σου φωνάζουν, “Κατανάλωσε! Κατανάλωσε!

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  • adtransp


    By Chris on 12/11/2018

        Seamstress.   The two questions people ask me all the time are, “What made you write this book?” and “How long did it take you? To me, that’s like asking how long a piece of string is. The answer to both questions is, “I was always writing it. It’s been in my head ever since I was born.”

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  • dariusz-sankowski-56727-unsplash

    What Write?

    By Chris on 01/11/2018

        WHAT WRITE?   What right do I have to tell anyone how to write? None. All I can tell is what I do. Two words are vital to those of us not gifted with being able simply to write without hard labour: read, read, read and write, write write!   Writing is rather like learning a sport or

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