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Armida’s Poetic Summer continues with Niki Philippou’s book launch

Let Fate Decide

By Kate Ivanova

Armida Publications would like to thank everyone who came to Niki Philippou‘s book launch last night at the wonderful RODI Event Venue in Limassol. Amongst the gallery’s paintings, smiling faces filled the rooms, making it a full house in no time. The audience welcomed Niki with warmth and excitement.

When the poet took the microphone to deliver her speech, not a sound was heard in the room. Radiant and eloquent, Niki opened the launch with an inspiring speech about poetry, art, and her own work. The poet chose a few poems that she herself read, while Elina Nikolaidou and Alexandra Michailidou recited the rest. The audience remained silent throughout the presentation, mesmerized by Niki’s deeply personal speech and the orators’ emotion-filled reciting.

The evening proceeded very smoothly and Niki was available for a chat with the audience while signing copies of her book.

Let Fate Decide” is a collection of poems that Niki Philippou wrote in retrospect to her past experiences while also contemplating the present and the future. Filled with rawness, humanity, grief, and love, Niki’s poetry inspires a certain feeling of hope and acceptance of life’s challenges.


Let Fate Decide” is available at all major bookstores on the island as well as on electronic format on Amazon

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